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The PhD Life Raft Podcast

Feb 19, 2023

Catherine Pope was awarded her PhD in the field of Victorian Literature  by the University of Sussex in 2014. She then went on to publish that material as a monograph.  


In this episode Catherine draws on her experience as an author, publisher and coach to share advice on  the options for publishing your work- either as a book, a chapter in an edited collection or journal articles.


Catherine emphasizes the importance of gaining clarity on why you want to publish as well as being realistic about whether you have the time to undertake such a project.


She shares insights into what publishers are looking for and the elements of a successful book proposal. 


We also talk about the technical aspects of book publication - from editing to indexing.


You can find out more about Catherine’s book How to Publish Your PhD - which shares very practical and detailed advice to guide you through the publishing process - here:


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